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Streaming Sundays at 9 & 11AM, 9:15AM and 6PM

Services are online only due to COVID-19. We will be streaming at 9 am, 11 am, and 6 pm.

Sundays for kids

We love kids and believe they are some of the greatest influencers of the our world today. Our carefully screened staff and volunteers are passionate about making sure that every child in their care feels safe, loved, and understands that they are valuable. We want your child’s hour in our care to be one of the best times of the week.

Find more about the Kids Zone here. 

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in when you are out and about. Most of us dress pretty casually, but some people prefer to dress up.

Fragrance Reduction Plan
In an effort to enfold those with invisible disabilities and sensitivities, we are aiming to reduce exposure to scented products in our facility. By avoiding cologne, perfume, and aftershave, and reducing the other scented hygiene products you use when attending church gatherings, you demonstrate love to those in our church family who suffer from severe responses to fragrance. Thank you for your cooperation.

What should I bring?

You can bring a Bible if you have one. Our teaching pastors will point out different sections during their message so you might want to follow along.

If you don’t have a Bible, we’d be happy to give you one. Just stop by the Discovering Jesus kiosk in the main lobby to pick one up. You can also download “The Bible App” for free from your app store.

If it makes you more comfortable, bring a friend or your family! If you just want to quietly check us out on your own at first, that’s ok too.

When should I arrive?

10-15 minutes before the service will give you time to park and find seats. 

If you will be checking children into the Kids Zone for the first time, try to arrive about 20 minutes before the service to go through the check-in process and help them settle into their classrooms.

What is Communion?

We celebrate Communion (also called the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist) together as a reminder of Jesus’ all-encompassing love. We eat a small piece of bread and drink a small cup of grape juice as a symbol of his body and blood, reminding us of the sacrifice he made at the cross.

If you have committed your life to following Jesus, please feel free to take the bread and cup as they go by.

If you don’t follow Jesus or are just exploring faith, simply pass the trays along to the next person. You might want to use the quiet time to pray, read the Bible, or jot down your questions about Communion, God, life and faith, or why we do things the way we do so you can ask a friend or pastor later. 

At E-Free, we take Communion once a month, usually the first Sunday of each month. Gluten-free bread is available from the servers. 

Will I need money?

Usually not. Coffee is on us. At 5 pm during the school year we host Toonie Supper, which is free for guests.

We do collect an “offering” during services. People who call E-Free their church home are invited to give to the church to:

  • express their gratitude and worship to God.
  • provide resources and programming that help people learn to hear and obey God.
  • make a difference in our city around the world.

As our guest, you can choose to participate or simply pass the basket along to the next person.

Where should I park?

If you have kids the easiest place to park is on the north side of the building, which will lead you right into the Kids Zone Lobby.

If you attend Traditions, we reserve the front middle parking lot just for you.

For all other services, most of our parking is located on the east and north sides of the building.

Will I have to sing?

Only if you want to! Music and a message are two main components of our worship services. Lyrics are projected on a big screen to help you learn the songs and start to sing along as you feel comfortable.

What if I’m not sure about Christianity?

You don’t have to be a follower of Jesus to attend church. Anyone is welcome. You can explore faith at your own pace.

Attending a church for the first time can be intimidating. If there’s a question you need answered or a special request you’d like us to accommodate, please let us know.


We are located just east of 43 Street South on Highway 4

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Livestream available at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM

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