Pam Ukrainetz

Pam Ukrainetz

Director of Care Ministries

Pam is a farm girl who has been transplanted from one farming community to the next: Saskatchewan to Indiana to Lethbridge. A registered nurse by training but fulltime domestic engineer (a.k.a. "stay-at-home mom") she re-entered the work force as Director of Care Ministries in September of 2016.

Pam is a wife grounded in a great marriage and mom of 3 (2 adult kids & 1 teen). She loves the outdoors: backcountry huts, the smell of pine, hiking, skiing—it’s all wonderful! A table surrounded by guests sharing beautiful food and conversation feeds her soul. And if there are any spare moments, she is filling any scrap of paper at hand with words for blogging, teaching, or stories.

Her passion for Jesus, people, and the church drive her desire to connect the church family to each other to “bear one another’s burdens”. Witnessing the transformation of a life intersected by the love and grace of God is a profound joy for her.

(Also, Pam secretly desires to end Glenda Postman’s “bring back the 80’s & banana clips” campaign. Those were not good fashion years for ANYONE.)