Spiritual Practices Survey

This survey is designed to help us better understand the spiritual practices of our congregation. It will help us see where our church members are growing and where we can do a better job of meeting our church family’s spiritual needs.

All responses are anonymous and the data is aggregate, so you can feel confident answering openly and honestly.

Thanks for your time!


Is everyone supposed to fill this out?
Everyone age 13 and up that calls E-Free their church home is asked to complete this survey.

Can multiple family members complete this on the same device?
Yes. Everyone may use the same device to fill the survey out for themselves.

Can I fill this out later?
Of course. Just tie a string around your finger so you remember to fill it out. (Or set a recurring reminder in your phone until it’s complete!)

The survey will be open from April 14–28. April 14 we will dedicate time in all services to completing it together.

My device froze and won’t let me continue. What should I do?
Sorry for the inconvenience! Simply refresh the page and continue answering from the top of the page. This will allow you to keep going from where you left off. The numbers of the questions may be out of sync, but you’ll still see the same 46 questions by the time you get to the end.

How long will this take?
The length of time will vary for everyone but on average it takes about 6 minutes.

Can I do this on paper instead?
There are some paper copies available from the Info Centre. Results will then be manually entered into SurveyMonkey so the platform can run its analytic magic. If you are able to submit the survey online, it will help streamline the process for the team.