What’s Your Story?

Art & Sherry's Story

Life took a turn when Art suffered a massive heart attack. Now Art and Sherry are learning to let go of what they thought life would look like.

Bill & Joan's Story

Feeling compelled to help Syrian refugees, Bill and Joan followed God’s leading to camps in Macedonia, where he used them to bring hope to the hopeless.

Josh's Story

His life of brokenness and abuse turned around when God led Josh to Bible school and set the stage for his ministry to First Nations youth.

Every life story, and certainly every faith story, is fascinating in its own right.

One of the gifts we can give one another as a church family is to share what God is doing in our lives. (Visit our story archives) These stories are begging to be told. Sharing your story below is a first step, along with telling your story to your Life Group, your family and friends, in being prepared to tell a compelling faith story whenever you have an opportunity in everyday life.

In Just Walk Across the Room, Bill Hybels encourages us to remember the following guidelines in order to tell a compelling story and provide the best opportunities for ongoing conversation:

• Be brief (Be able to tell your story in 45-60 seconds.)
• Be clear (Stick to one key plot line.)
• Keep it simple (Avoid church-y language that not everyone may understand.)
• Be humble (When you tell your story, does it convey a haughty or pious attitude?)

Your faith story should include what life was like before Jesus, what your encounter with Jesus was, and what your life is like now with Jesus.  Your goal should be to answer the question: What difference does Jesus make for me?