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The sign above a main exit from our church building states, “You are now entering your mission field”. Each time people leave through these doors, they are reminded of a core conviction of the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge.

Serving our City

E-Free is working with partner organizations in our city, to address the emergency needs of people in our city; This includes vulnerable populations such as seniors, those experiencing homelessness, and children living in poverty.
Please click the "serve our city" link to get involved, or call the church office at  403-329-3125.

We have good news that we want to announce and demonstrate to the world. While every follower of Jesus is called to share the gospel in their circles of influence, we also have a number of ways that our church works together, and with others, to convey God’s love for the world. This is an overview of the local partnerships we are engaged with as a church, many that reflect God’s heart for those experiencing brokenness and poverty. Look into these ministries and to consider how you can make our community a better place in Jesus name.

Our Local Partnerships

My City Care

Email  | 403-942-1378Visit Website
Lethbridge, AB 

Connecting Communities to Hope.

We are on mission to restore hope and dignity in everything we do.

MyCityCare is program based out of MyVictory Church that supports the local community with initiatives throughout the year, such as the Mindful Munchies lunch program in partnership with the Lethbridge Food Bank, emergency food hampers and grocery giveaways, a free clothing store, Stuff the Bus (our back to school initiave) resourcing families for back to school, Shop of Wonders, Street Store events, Night to Shine, The Cinderella Project & Tux Shop, as well as free baby supplies to moms in need.


crossroadshealing.org | 403.327.7080 | Email
202, 542 7 Street S, Lethbridge 

Crossroads Healing Centre is committed to providing a high caliber of professional counselling and health services, and their aim is to address the total person – psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Though their orientation is Christian, they endeavour to meet people where they are at in their quest to reach their full potential.

Life situations can produce confusion or deep personal pain. Sometimes we feel that there is no one to talk to and that no one will understand. Crossroads Healing Centre can help deal with concerns in a safe, confidential atmosphere. Crossroads offers services in the following areas: individual, couples and family, stress, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, abuse recovery, divorce adjustments, sexuality and spiritual concerns. Crossroads also offers mediation service for couples in conflict, family problems, church relationships and business issues.

Professionally trained staff offer neutral and non-judgemental insight and direction to assist in making decisions, as well as to help clarify goals and solutions. Subsidies are available. Crossroads also seeks to work with other agencies and professionals in our community in a team approach in order to give each person access to the best professional counselling available.


lethbridgepregcentre.com | 403.942.1819  | Email
118 8 Street S, Lethbridge 

The Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre (LCCC) is a local Christian agency offering compassionate support and education for women and men facing unplanned pregnancy. Clients are able to learn about their options in a safe, confidential environment, without judgement or pressure. They are given an opportunity to ask questions and get accurate information in order to make their decisions.

The LPCC also serves men and women struggling with emotions after placing for adoption or an abortion decision. Trained volunteer client advocates journey with clients through grief, anger, blame and forgiveness, offering support and guidance, and providing a safe place for women and men to grieve their loss.

In addition, LPCC is committed to teaching young people about healthy sexuality, based on God’s design for sex within the boundaries of marriage. Using frank, accurate language, the reasons for abstinence are portrayed both within the Centre and in youth group and classroom settings.


Lethbridge Food Bank

 (403) 320-1879  
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The Lethbridge Food Bank is an important part of a vibrant community to ensure a food security resource for families in need. As a non-profit organization we depend on donations from individuals and businesses like yourself to sustain our clientele.

Since 1982 the Lethbridge Food Bank has been proudly operated in the community of Lethbridge and serving the surrounding area with a “food share” program. Lethbridge, is home to over 100,000 people and growing, making the Lethbridge Food Bank an important part of a vibrant community to ensure a food security resource for families in need. As a non-profit organization we depend on donations from individuals and businesses like yourself.


streetsalive.ca | 403.320.1159 | Email
323 4 Street S, Lethbridge 

Streets Alive Mission exists to provide for the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the poor, to empower them to change their lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Streets Alive Mission flourishes through their passion for God and good work towards people in need. By conducting their lives in accord with the values of compassion, respect, integrity, stewardship, and excellence, they promote and demonstrate that Streets Alive Mission is an organization of good character.


Dawne Davidson       403.360.9920
Lethbridge Correctional Centre 

The E-Free Prison Ministry supports the chapel program of the Lethbridge Correctional Centre, which accommodates up to 387 male and female inmates.

A Bible study is offered to male inmates each week, helping them mature in Christian faith. Volunteers facilitate a group process where Bible study and prayer are practiced and modelled, empowering inmates in their spiritual formation. Mentorship is a key component of the Bible study process, and this is accomplished by building rapport and community with group participants. The hope is that inmates will become anchored in their faith and that this will help them live sustainably after release.

E-Free Prison Ministry also provides the CHIRP (Children of Inmates Reading Program). This is a reading program that helps keep family bonds strong, when appropriate, during incarceration. A recording is made of an incarcerated parent reading a story for their child. This recording, along with a copy of the book, is sent to the child, who can then read along to the voice of the parent despite the parent’s incarceration. Children are reminded that they are loved, and inmates and guardians benefit from the opportunity to support their child in a meaningful way.

InterFaith Food Bank

Visit Website 403-320-8779

Lethbridge, AB

Interfaith Food Bank is committed to recognizing the human dignity of those in need and providing food and access to services and resources generated from within our community.

We cater to those in a variety of situations, ranging from single-parenthood, to seniors on fixed incomes, to the under or unemployed, or to those with other social or economic barriers.  We have been providing emergency food services to citizens of Lethbridge and area since 1989.  Since then, we have grown exponentially as the community recognizes, assesses and attempts to satisfy the needs of those in crisis.


John Moerman
spiritualcarelethbridge.ca | 403-388-6024 | Email
Lethbridge Regional Hospital

Hospital Chaplaincy exists to provide spiritual and pastoral care to people, families, and staff within medical settings in Southern Alberta. They are a Bible believing, volunteer based service established in Lethbridge, Alberta, and their desire is that, through significant personal interactions, people will be (or will return to being) what God created them to be. Chaplain John Moerman passionately believes that humanity is here on earth to serve people in our community and throughout the world, as demonstrated by the life and person of Jesus Christ.


youthone.ca | 403.380.4426 | Email
1303 13 Street N, Lethbridge 

Youth One is “A PLACE FOR all YOUth”. They are committed to a world where all young people experience life change through life giving relationships, and their approach is based on radical love, no conditions, and one journey at a time.

Working under Bridges of Hope, Youth One was launched to battle the high crime times of youth in Lethbridge. They accomplish this by operating a youth centre that offers year-round community programs and connections. The youth centre is an accessible, safe, fun, and free place for youth to be supported and mentored so that they will be a positive influence in their communities and world.



sabc.ca | 403.792.3644 | Email
Lomond, Alberta 

The vision of Southern Alberta Bible Camp (SABC) is to see lives transformed by God through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This pertains not only to the 1,600+ campers that come every summer, but also to the 150 or so summer staff and volunteers, many of whom come from Lethbridge.

SABC and the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge (EFCL) share a special partnership in ministering to children and youth in southern Alberta. EFCL has a significant role in providing strong leadership and on the ground support for the camp. We continue to marvel at how the Lord uses camp to miraculously transform lives year after year. 


Facebook Page | 403.320.8688 |Email
802 2A Avenue N, Lethbridge 

The Lethbridge Soup Kitchen has been serving the community of Lethbridge since 1984. A hot breakfast is provided five days a week and a hot lunch is provided six days a week to an average of 100 people per seating. The Soup Kitchen also supports the work of their next door neighbor, the Lethbridge Emergency Shelter and Resource Centre, by providing soup, buns, fruit and pastries on a regular basis.

The Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge has a team that volunteers at the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen once a month. If you would like to join this team, please contact Irene Esau (403.317.0387).


George & Margie Ney  403.328.1500 | Visit page
Lethbridge Region 

Intercultural Ministries strives to grow disciples of Christ by building friendships with newcomers to Canada, making them feel welcome in our church, and providing opportunities to study the Bible and be introduced to Jesus. The hub of Intercultural Ministries is the monthly potluck where Internationals are invited to share a meal, hear a testimony, play games, and build friendships. Other activities include Bible studies, ESL classes, gym nights, and a variety of other gatherings hosted in peoples homes. Many people also volunteer with community-based initiatives such as Lethbridge Immigrant Services, Read On (Lethbridge Public Library), and Friendship Family (University of Lethbridge).



Josh & Joylynn Beutler 
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Lethbridge Region 

InterAct Ministries exist to make disciples among the least-reached peoples, and they focus on communities in Russia, Alaska, and Western Canada. Josh and Joylynn have a love for the First Nations people living in Lethbridge and on nearby reserves. They first began ministry with InterAct in 2012 and have developed a First Nations youth group, built relationships with First Nations families, and deepened their understanding of First Nations culture, so that they can share the gospel in the clearest way possible.

The E-Free Missions Team oversees Local and Global Missions at the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge. This team is chaired by the Minister of Community Engagement and includes facilitators for local and global missions, as well as a secretary and treasurer.

We also work with key leaders of E-Free gospel justice initiatives, such as Prison Ministry and Intercultural Ministries, recognizing they are a vital part of our missions program.

For more information, please contact Myron Krause, Minister of Community Engagement.

Myron Krause

Myron Krause

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