Dwayne & Margaret Janke

Serving the WORLD (Based in Calgary, Alberta)

Ministry: Wycliffe Communications (Head Office)
Sending Agency: Wycliffe

Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada works to end Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God’s Word among minority language communities worldwide.  Dwayne and Margaret have committed much of their lives to supporting this important ministry.  Dwayne has been the editor of Wycliffe Canada’s magazine, Word Alive, which is now being replaced by more digital communication, including social media, which is so important for engaging our culture today. Dwayne is currently on discretionary leave and he is now interacting with four Wycliffe affiliated organizations/partners about writing/editing positions that he could do remotely from Calgary three days a week.

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Birthdays: Dwayne (February 27), Margaret (December 5)
Anniversary: April 21