All for One: Worship Training

Working together as churches passionate about worship arts, we are inviting you to join us October 14, 2017 from 9 to 3:30pm at the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge. Collaborating churches including First Baptist Lethbridge and Coaldale Mennonite Church. All church artists from southern Alberta are invited to attend. Click here to register.  Payment can be made to one of the collaborating churches. Visit our Facebook Event page for more details on main sessions, breakouts and clinicians.

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More details below:

Workshop breakouts include:
Vocal 101 (male & female)
Vocal 201
Leading Kids Worship
Hand Percussion
Bass Guitar
Keyboards / Synth
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Piano (Session 1 & 2)
Other Instruments (Wind, Brass, Strings)
Worship Leading 101
Vocal Harmony
Choral Rehearsals
Worship Masterclass (Session 1 & 2)
Worship Team 101 & 201
Sound 101 & 201
Shooting Video
Video Editting
Lighting Design
Josh Raine, Russ Smith, Matt Groenheide, Mike Dosso, Caleb Vetter, Kevin Gnandt, Colleen Klassen, Jodi Groenheide, Ken Dosso, Frank Gnandt, Cody Matchett, Ron Lagemaat.
Breakout Descriptions:
Vocal 101: Learn the basics of healthy vocal production, helping you to sing longer and stronger. Tips and tricks to help you feel more comfortable in your own voice. – with Josh Raine
Vocal 201: Now that you’re singing well, what is going to keep you going? How do you handle vibrato? How do I sing like the person on the album? Adlibing… and more? Bring your questions – with Josh Raine
Vocal Harmony: Those pesky harmony lines… does it take you too much effort to find them? Wish they came more easily? Find out different approaches and a little bit of theory behind what sounds good – with Josh Raine
Leading Kids Worship: Kids worship can be tricky, balancing kids songs, adult worship songs and training young musicians. Learn tools of the trade. – with Russ Smmith
Drums: Grooves, techniques, and tips to help your drumming elevate your worship experiences. Bring your sticks! – with Matt Groenheide
Piano Session 1: Becoming part of the band – As pianists we are used to being the whole band at once! Learn how to make musical decisions that fit in to the mix rather than cluttering the sound. – with Colleen Klassen
Piano Session 2: The Versatile Pianist – Gain confidence in playing from chord charts as well as going beyond the notes on the page to add variety to printed music. – with Colleen Klassen
Percussion & Hand Drums: Learn authentic djembe and conga techniques and how to apply them in addition to (or instead of) a drumset player. – with Matt Groenheide
Other Instruments: Playing Uncommon Instruments in Worship: What can I play instead of the melody? Ideas and strategies for winds, strings, and other less “standard” instruments in worship. Learn to use chords and your ears to improvise your own harmonies and counter-melodies. – with Jodi Groenheide
Bass Guitar: In this class we will cover playing technique and how to lock in with your drummer. We will learn a couple cool licks too! This class will be great for beginner and intermediate players. – with Mike Dosso
Sound 101: In sound 101 we will cover the basics of setting up a sound system, sound system components, microphone types, sound check etiquette and more! This session is great for beginner and intermediate sound operators. – with Mike Dosso
Sound 201: In sound 102 we will cover signal flow, proper usage of gates / compressors / EQs, and how to structure a great mix. While we will be mixing on a Behringer X32, the principles covered will apply to all digital and analog sound boards. – with Mike Dosso
Keyboards & Synths: As contemporary worship music tracks with electronic music, learn tips and tricks while using pads, synths, organs and more. – with Caleb Vetter
Acoustic Guitar: Can acoustic guitar be more than just playing rhythm guitar along with the band? Learn new skills and bring your guitar. – with Kevin Gnandt
Electric Guitar: Between lead lines and rhythm patterns, electric players can be left with their heads spinning. Learn how to pick up lead lines well and find your place in the band. – with Kevin Gnandt
Worship Leading 101: So you want to start leading worship? Here are a few things that you need to know before you get too far down the road… or maybe, you just need a refresher on how to get people to follow you?
Choral Rehearsals: Join the mass choir and learn new rehearsal practices from one of Lethbridge’s best. – with Frank Gnandt
Worship Team Masterclasses: Want in-the-moment feedback? Bring your band and play in front of other worship leaders, led bu Russ Smith. How can your band take it to the next level? – with Russ Smith
Worship Team 101: Just starting a worship team together? Or finding yourself in a rut? Find out what pillars of worship teams you might need to strengthen to keep going. – with Ken Dosso & Matt Groenheide
Worship Team 201: Okay, you’re moving along past Worship Team 201, now what tricks will keep you moving forward now that you’ve gotten rolling. – with Ken Dosso & Matt Groenheide
Shooting Video: The key to good video is getting the right raw footage. Find out what you need to know when it comes to framing and video capturing. – with Stephen Wiley
Video Editting:  Once you’ve got the right footage, how about audio sync, movement between shots, fades, cuts, backing tracks and more? Take the focussed time to learn – with Stephen WIley
Lighting Design: Whether you have many lights or just a few, learn tools of the trade that will help illuminate your worship environments. – with Ron Lagemaat