Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy is a reminder to breathe — to breathe in the grace of Christ’s love for us and breathe out his love and compassion on the world around us. By redirecting some of the money and time we might fruitlessly give to the material excesses of Christmas, we aim to re-focus our hearts, gift our friends and family with our presence, and worship Christ more fully. Visit this page to learn more about the Advent Conspiracy movement.


For the past eight Christmas seasons, E-Free has been part of the Advent Conspiracy. This Christmas, we have chosen to direct our giving to the Poverty Intervention Fund of Lethbridge School District No. 51.

Every day at each of our 21 local public schools, there are children who arrive without adequate food or winter clothing. Children who are unable to participate fully in learning and school activities because their family cannot afford the basics so many of us take for granted: instrument rentals, helmets, books to practice home reading, treatment for lice and general hygiene.

Students in need sometimes come forward asking for help, but often it is school staff and administration that identify children and teens who would benefit from this kind of support.

As needs arise, schools apply to access the Poverty Intervention Fund, which may be used for food and clothing programs, hygiene items, and personal items. It may also cover one-time purchases to support a particular poverty intervention program (such as a fridge, dishwasher, etc.). The Poverty Intervention Fund does not receive government funding and is supported through fundraisers and donations.

Receiving this basic support can mean the difference between a child experiencing stress, fear, depression, and isolation, or thriving in an environment that fosters belonging, purpose, and achieving success in school.

We SPEND LESS by resisting the cultural pressure to celebrate Advent through over-spending and over-consumption. Instead, we GIVE MORE! That is, we give relational, thoughtful, and meaningful gifts. We then take the money we saved and LOVE ALL by giving to those in true need. In all of this, we strive to WORSHIP FULLY by keeping our focus on Jesus and participating with Him in what He came to do, bringing hope to a desperate world.

To become a conspirator, reconsider and re-direct some of your spending this Christmas to the Poverty Intervention Fund. Gifts designated “Advent Conspiracy” may be made through all our regular giving methods and will be received until December 31, 2016.

Interested in what projects we’ve supported in the past? Visit our Past Projects page to see some of the places we’re making a difference!