When we first closed the church campus, I envisioned the day when we would be able to return. I imagined a celebration: greeting those I had not seen for a long time, Bridge-Builders getting to see the faces and shake the hands of the people they had been calling, our voices raised in song and celebration together. It was going to be a party!

 Then reality set in. My dream of a triumphant return was another loss to be mourned in C-19.

 It is tempting to focus on the things we have lost during this time. But C-19 has also given us opportunities. I have enjoyed hearing the testimonies in our services of how our present circumstances have allowed people to engage God’s Word at a new level, to build relationships with neighbours, and to enjoy a less full schedule.

 In my neighbourhood, we have taken the opportunity given to us by the weather and the government guidelines to gather outdoors in a local green space. It has been so good to connect with neighbours, enjoy a game or two of bocce ball, and connect in person.

 I dream of seeing similar relational gatherings being established in every neighbourhood in Lethbridge and in communities the area. You are going to hear more about these gatherings – that we are calling ‘Community Groups’ – through the summer. Our hope is to launch them officially on September 13th. As we continue to pursue our mission and vision together, I am looking forward to hearing more stories about how the Lord is using C-19 to develop connections in our communities and to display his glory in our city.