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Building Bridges into our Neighbourhood and the world
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New Sermon Series and Journal

We have created a personal daily prayer journal that is available online via the button below, or you can pick up a hard copy at the church office. This is a completely free tool that walks you through a prayer time each day and is a perfect tool to assist you in a strong prayer life.

Family Meeting – Sunday, October 4 @ 7PM

Join us for a congregational Family Meeting to hear about how the church has pivoted over the last few months, the direction we see the church heading in the next few months as well as our vision for the future of our church. There will be opportunity to ask questions.
This event will be available online on YouTube and Facebook, as well as in person at the church.  Limited seats are available for our in-person gathering so please register online to book your seats via the button below.
We are asking that only one person per household attend in person.
This event will also run at the end of the Church @ 6 service, so if you will be attending that service, there will be no need to register again.

We desire to passionately follow the Father and be transformed into His likeness.

Online services

We will be online at 9AM, and 11AM every Sunday.  These services are available via facebook live with a moderator to chat with, on YouTube, and also on our Media page.

Plan to gather with your family to participate in online services together!

In-Person Services

We are now open for in-person services; they will look different than they used to, but we are excited to be able to worship together! Seat bookings are available, starting on Mondays, at 12NOON, until Sundays, at 7AM. 

PLEASE NOTE: masks are required for service attendance

We desire to graciously enfold anyone into our warm and loving,
spirit-led family.

Jesus calls us to love one another.  During this difficult time, we need to take care of one another more than ever before. We have started a bridge builders initiative; this will help connect those who need support & connection to those who can offer assistance.

Our community benefits greatly when we reach out to listen and help each other and engage with our neighbours.

There are Community Bridge Builders available who care and are ready to listen to your request!

We desire to boldly love our community, speaking hope through Jesus and reaching out to those in need.

We are called to help others and serve with the gifts we have been blessed with.
This is a great opportunity for our city to experience the love of God in a tangible way.


We are working with partner organizations, to address the emergency needs of people in our city; This includes vulnerable populations such as seniors, those experiencing homelessness, and children living in poverty. 

Partner Organizations

We strongly encourage you to look in to ways you can be supporting our community by donating your time and money to our partner organizations within the city.
There are many areas where we can provide assistance!


Things Change

Things Change

An old saying says something like ‘Well, when I was younger, we walked to school both ways up hill and in the snow every day of the year.’ The tale can continue to describe the struggle that the generation before us had.  It was hard and harder and more challenging...

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I never met Ravi Zacharias. Yet, I was saddened by the news of his death on May 19, 2020. I admired his wit, gentleness, and humour. His death felt like a loss to the spread of the Gospel. He had clearly made an impact in our world for the kingdom.    By the time Ravi...

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Looking on with Fascination

Looking on with Fascination

When my son Timothy was about two years old, he loved to look for anthills on summer walks. We often would find some supersized ones when we strolled in a nearby river valley park. Tim would delight in stirring up their mound with a freshly plucked branch so that he...

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I came home from classes on March 17th to the reality that we were officially moving into isolation – church, ministry, relationships were moving online.  Moving away.  (That’s what I internalized).  In those first days I remember thinking, the Israelites might have...

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Sunday Services:

Livestream available at 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM

In-Person Services at 10AM:
Worship Centre Service,
Traditions Service,
Family Worship Service

In-Person Service at 6PM:
Church @ 6

Register ahead of time for seats to these services Here.

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